Water Conservation Education Programs

We are pleased to announce that the Saving Water Partnership (SWP) is teaming up with Nature Vision, an award-winning environmental education non-profit, to bring innovative programs to your students during the school year! Our educational programs:

Visit the Nature Vision site for a full list of SWP-supported programs and registration info.


Be Water Smart! Teacher Activity Guide (pdf)
This unit guides children in grades 1-6 through fun problem-solving experiences that lay a foundation for conserving water. The topics focus on general conservation, leaks, and conserving water specifically in the bathroom and at home. Each of the four topics within this unit uses a poster, class discussion and/or activity to address water conservation.

What Do You Know About H2O? (pdf). This quiz helps rate how much you or students know about where our water comes from, how water is used, and how to save water. (To prepare for the quiz, your students can rummage through the rest of our site. Our games, activities, fun facts and tours contain information that will help you improve your score!)

Field Trips

Field trips and tours of the Cedar River Watershed are available for school groups and the general public.

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