The Saving Water Partnership is a group of local water utilities in Seattle and King County working together to help customers save water and money.

The information on this website will help you save water at your home, in your yard and garden, and at your business or organization.


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How do you tell when it's time to water? If you say "when the soil looks dry", think again! A dry surface often hides moist soil beneath.

To develop a richer soil that will hold water longer:

  • Mix compost into the planting bed (avoid doing this only in individual planting holes) at planting time.
  • Mulch the soil surface with arborist wood chips, leaves, or grass clippings. This feeds the soil as the mulch decomposes.

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Spring Savvy Gardener Classes


Several Saving Water Partnership utilities are hosting free classes this spring. Happy Gardening!

Toilet Rebates - Here’s What Customers Are Saying

Homeowners – 100% of survey respondents would recommend their new toilet to a friend.

“The New toilet is an engineering marvel. Even though it’s only a 1.0 gallon flush, it flushes better than the 1.6 gallon toilet in our other bathroom.”

  • $75 Rebates for single-family customers

Apartment building owners - 93% of survey respondents would recommend their new toilets to a friend.

“Our water bill dropped by about 25%. The average utility bill to the tenants dropped about the same.”

  • $75 and $150 Rebates for multifamily customers
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