Sprinkler Timer Rebate

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Little boy playing with a lawn sprinkler

You can receive up to $100 for replacing your existing sprinkler timer with a new WaterSense labeled model. These timers adjust your sprinkler runtimes according to the weather, and even pause the irrigation when it rains.

To claim your rebate:

The fine print:

Residential customers may be eligible to receive a $100 rebate for one WaterSense labeled sprinkler timer. Where gift cards, reward points, or store credit bring the total cost of the timer below $100, a rebate check will be issued for the lesser amount. For example, if a $25 gift card brings the total cost of the timer to $75, the rebate amount will be $75. If the total amount on the invoice or receipt is $0 after gift cards, reward points, or store credit are used, no rebate will be issued.

Eligible customers are those who receive water from Seattle Public Utilities or one of these Saving Water Partnership water utilities.

The rebate is for the replacement of an existing sprinkler timer that is not currently WaterSense labeled. WaterSense labeled hose timers are not eligible.