Saving Water Partnership Homepage

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Every drop counts.

The Saving Water Partnership is an organization comprised of 19 water utilities in King and Snohomish counties that share a common water source.

We offer tips, tools, and rebates to help people preserve our region’s water for future generations. When we work together to use water wisely, it adds up to make a big difference.

Why conserve?

Using water more efficiently helps stretch our supply for current and future generations.

Mark is outside on a sunny day. He is kneeling next to a patch of mulch.

Mark’s weekly lawn watering advice

Check back every Saturday for Mark’s advice on how many days water your lawn the upcoming week if you live in the Puget Sound region.
Drawing of a toilet showing how the water flows from the tank into the bowl

Fix that running toilet!

Each day a running toilet with a medium-sized leak can waste as much water as taking 15 showers.
Landscaped yard with lawn flowers and bushes

Spring Gardening Classes

Learn how to create and maintain beautiful landscapes that use water wisely. Early registration is recommended as many classes fill up fast.
A side-view shot of a man standing in his bathroom looking at his toilet, there is a problem, he is on the phone trying to call a plumber.

Resources for apartment managers

Proactively communicating with residents can help you address leaks quickly and keep your utility bills as low as possible.
Commercial kitchen.

Help your business fix leaks

We offer free resources to reduce water consumption and prevent leaks at your business.
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Rebates for water saving projects

We maybe able to help cover the costs of upgrading to more more water-efficient equipment at your home, multifamily property, or business.

Did you know?

Water conservation tools can help customers keep water bills as low as possible. In many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill.