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Drawing of a toilet showing how the water flows from the tank into the bowl

Is your toilet wasting water?

A running toilet can use as much water as taking 10 showers a day.

Find and fix toilet leaks

Learn more ways to save water

Why conserve?

Using water more efficiently helps stretch our supply for current and future generations.

Garden Hotline logo, leaf and lady bug

Garden Hotline

Have a question about your Northwest lawn or garden? Contact the Garden Hotline for free, expert advice!
outdoor water pipe and spigot frozen with ice

Brrrrr! It’s cold out there.

Learn how to protect your outdoor spigot from freezing temperatures. Because frozen pipes break and unexpected repair bills are no fun.
Pink salmon jumping out of water over small waterfall in the forest.

Why conserve?

Water conservation helps keep more water in our rivers for wildlife and fish, especially salmon.
Spot the spawners this fall - Salmon Season August-November

Salmon SEEson

Salmon SEEson is our opportunity to see spawning salmon in our communities. You don’t have to travel far. Check out our map to find a viewing location near you!
Toilet in a bathroom

How low can you flow?

Pretty low-- if you install a rebate-qualifying, 1.1 gallons per flush (or less), Premium toilet! $100 rebates available.
Two boys laying on the ground playing with a water feature

Conservation in the classroom

We sponsor free, innovative water conservation programs for schools in our service area.

Did you know?

Water conservation tools can help customers keep water bills as low as possible. In many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill.