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It's Salmon Season Again! A group of teens watching salmon in the river.

The salmon are back!

Find a nearby spot to see the salmon returning to streams and rivers around Puget Sound, August through November.

Thank you! Your efforts to use water wisely help keep more water in our rivers for salmon and wildlife.


Why conserve?

Using water more efficiently helps stretch our supply for current and future generations.

Back to school spelled out using scramble letters

Conservation in the classroom

We sponsor free, innovative water conservation programs for schools in our service area.
watching the sunset over a a garden with a sprinkler running.

Put the sprinkler on pause

The days are getting shorter. Your plants and lawn only need half as much water as they did last month. Is it raining? Turn it off.
Honey bees on a lavender plant

Sign up for fall gardening classes

Learn how to create and maintain a beautiful, low-maintenance yard and garden from local experts during one of our free gardening classes.
Open sign in a shop door

Water efficiency solutions for your business

Save money and water with rebates on efficient fixtures and appliances.
Old outhouse in a field

$100 toilet rebate

Thinking about replacing your old, water-guzzling toilet? Take advantage of our $100 rebate program for rebate eligible, water efficient toilets.
Watering can filled with lavender

Plant perennials in the fall

For beautiful robust plants ready to thrive by summer time, plant in the fall to take advantage of our rainy Northwest winters to build strong root systems before the next dry season.

Did you know?

Water conservation tools can help customers keep water bills as low as possible. In many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill.