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Little leaks can add up

If your water bill is higher than normal, it’s worth checking your home for leaks.


Find and fix the most common household leaks using our
step-by-step videos.

Why conserve?

Using water more efficiently helps stretch our supply for current and future generations.

Sockeye salmon underwater

The salmon are back!

Find a nearby spot to see the salmon returning to streams and rivers around Puget Sound, August through November.    
Young child standing at the bathroom sink taking a drink of water

Small effort, big impact

Save 7 gallons of water per person every day by turning the tap off while brushing your teeth or shaving. Every drop counts.
Whole roasted turkey

Thaw a frozen turkey like a water-saving pro

Plan ahead to give yourself plenty of time and space to let it thaw in the fridge. The USDA recommends allowing 1 day for every 4-5 pounds of bird.
Woman in a hard hat working in a factory

Water efficiency solutions for your business

Save money and water with rebates on efficient fixtures and appliances.
Toilet bowl in a bathroom

How low can you flow?

Pretty low-- if you install a rebate-qualifying, 1.1 gallons per flush (or less), Premium toilet! $100 rebates available.
Two boys laying on the ground playing with a water feature

Conservation in the classroom

We sponsor free, innovative water conservation programs for schools in our service area.

Did you know?

Water conservation tools can help customers keep water bills as low as possible. In many cases, reducing water use can also reduce your sewer bill.