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Email us or call (206) 684-7283 with general questions about water conservation. Or contact team members directly about specific programs.

For interpretation services please call (206) 615-1282
如需口譯服務請電 (206) 615-1282。
통역 서비스를 원하시면 (206) 615-1282 번으로 전화해 주십시오.
Wixii adeegyada turjubaanka fadlan wac (206) 615-1282.
Para servicios de traducción, por favor, llame al (206) 615-1282.
Para sa serbisyo ng tagapagpaliwanag, tumawag sa (206) 615-1282.
Muốn yêu cầu dịch vụ thông dịch xin gọi số (206) 615-1282.

Picture of the program manager smiling in front of a pine tree.

Single family and multifamily indoor programs

Melissa Levo
(206) 615-1282

Picture of the program manager smiling in front of a fence and flowers.

Commercial indoor programs

Natasha Bailey, permanent program manager – on temporary assignment through early 2023

Elise Evans- acting program manager through early 2023
(206) 733-9137

Photo of the program manager in a natural setting.

Landscape programs

Mark Guthrie
(206) 684-5955

Picture of the program manager

Community Outreach

Anna Dyer
(206) 684-5883