Multifamily Water Use Assessment

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For multifamily buildings and condo associations with 4 units or more

A free water assessment can help you understand how much water different fixtures and appliances in your building currently use and where you can improve your efficiency. During the assessment, a water efficiency specialist will help you prioritize actions you can take to save water and money.

This assessment is for indoor water use. We also offer an irrigation water use assessment.

The multifamily water use assessment includes:

  • A free on-site assessment to evaluate the efficiency of your property’s current fixtures and appliances. During the assessment we’ll identify and discuss potential efficiency improvements and resources available to help residents save water.
  • A report of prioritized actions that can be taken to reduce water use and save money on utility bills. Recommendations may include equipment upgrades, operation and maintenance best management practices, and ways to promote water-saving behavior in the building. If applicable, the report may include estimates for potential water and sewer bill savings and estimated payback period for fixture and equipment upgrades.
  • Identification of water-saving projects that may be eligible for Saving Water Partnership rebates.

Is my property eligible?

Your property may be eligible if:

  • You own or manage a multifamily property with 4 units or more.
  • Your property receives a water bill from one of the Saving Water Partnership utilities.
  • Someone who can provide access to up to 10% of the units is available to meet with us during the assessment.

To schedule or ask questions

Contact Indoor Water Conservation Program Manager, Melissa Levo, at or (206) 615-1282.