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Below is a list of some of our favorite activities on water conservation and related topics to that can be used in or outside of the classroom.  

Young black girl leans over to get a better look at a jar of water

Resource conservation

  • How much water do you use 
    Estimate your home water use. The interactive, online water calculator from Home Water Works shows you where you could be more efficient and offers simple tips that save water and energy. 
  • Meter and leak hunt 
    Decode your utility usage and learn ways to conserve by going on a meter and leak hunt.  This hands-on STEM activity is available in Spanish and English from STEM HERO.  
  • Drop in the bucket 
    This interactive, online lesson from Project WET guides upper elementary and middle school students through calculating the amount of fresh, drinkable water on the planet.  

Our local water system

Seattle’s regional water system provides clean, reliable, drinking water to over 1.5 million people including the customers of Saving Water Partnership utilities.

Natural gardening 

By practicing natural gardening and yard care we can build healthy soil and landscape ecosystems that support healthy and resilient plants that need less water from people in order to thrive.  

  • Soil your undies challenge  
    The “Soil Your Undies” challenge was created by Oregon farmers, working with their local Soil and Water Conservation Districts and Natural Resources Conservation Service, as a fun way to build public interest in soil health. And it makes a great, memorable activity for students who want to test the health of their local soil.  
  • Gardening with youth 
    With many of us spending more time at home, you might be thinking about starting a garden or cultivating one you already have. Tilth Alliance has a great list of resources for Pacific Northwest gardeners of any age and at any scale – urban farming to container gardening.  
  • Nature Lab 
    Nature Lab is a project of The Nature Conservancy featuring curriculum, videos, and activities on a variety of environmental themes. To help youth understand and connect to natural gardening principles we particularly enjoy their How Dirt Works and Urban Habitat: Biodiversity in Our Cities videos.   

Watersheds and ecosystems