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Leaks account for 12% of indoor water use in homes nationally. Detecting and fixing leaks is one of the most impactful actions you can take to prevent water waste.

Leaks inside the home

Toilet leaks

Running toilets are the top source of leaks inside homes and can waste as much water as taking 15 showers a day (or more)! If you suddenly have a high water bill, toilets are the first place you should check for a leak. 

Learn the signs of a running toilet and how to fix it.

Dripping faucets

Faucet and showerhead leaks add up. Just one drop every 2 seconds wastes more than 1,000 gallons per year.  Learn how to fix indoor faucet and outdoor faucet or spigot leaks.  

Drain line leaks

Sometimes fixtures like toilets and sinks can leak where they connect to the drain line or sewage system. You might see a puddle of water next to your toilet or dripping under the sink. You’ll still want to fix these leaks right away since they might cause property damage, but they don’t waste water and won’t result in a higher water bill.

Underground leaks

Underground leaks can be very large and go on for a long time before being noticed. Watch for soggy patches of ground, an isolated area of green lawn, or water pooling on the ground outside. If the leak is under pavement or a building, a high bill or spinning water meter may be the only signs. Learn how to use your water meter to narrow down the location of a leak.

Some utilities may offer a bill adjustment for certain types of leaks. Check with your water utility to learn more.

Call a plumber

For all underground leaks, we suggest you contact a professional plumber. An experienced plumber can help minimize the amount of digging necessary to find and fix outdoor leaks. Remember to call before you dig (dial 811) to find the locations of buried utility lines.  

Water service or supply line 

In most cases, the water line from the water meter to the house or building is the responsibility of the property owner to maintain. Tree roots and normal wear can sometimes lead to leaks in these pipes. Learn to use your water meter to identify a leak in your water line.

Irrigation systems

Leaks are also common in landscaping sprinkler systems. Check your system regularly for issues. You may need to hire a  professional to repair some irrigation system leaks.