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The Saving Water Partnership has a number of resources for all types of commercial businesses and organizations to help maximize water efficiency and cost savings. 

Free water-saving kits

We offer two types of free water-saving kits that can be mailed or delivered directly to your business:

  • Leak detection kits

    Include a drip gauge to measure water lost from small leaks, a toilet dye test kit to detect toilet leaks, and leak detection signs to remind employees to report leaks right away.

  • Aerator kits

    Include a flow bag to determine if your faucets are using more water than necessary and two aerators to install on any faucets you find to be using too much water. This kit is great for restaurants and small businesses.

If you are interested in receiving these kits, please email our team at

Free water use assessment

Another resource we offer is a free water assessment of your facility with a Water Conservation Specialist. This can be done virtually and will help you identify opportunities to reduce water use in your building. The assessment includes in-depth water conservation technical assistance and a summary report of the findings and recommendations for next steps.

Request a virtual water use assessment by filling out this registration form.


We are always happy to help you find and apply for rebates on water-saving fixtures and equipment.

Get recognized for taking green actionsEnviroStars logo

The EnviroStars program is a one-stop shop for Washington businesses to learn, get help and get recognized for protecting the environment and public health. The Saving Water Partnership is a proud partner in the EnviroStars program.

Learn more at: