Tools to Help Residents Save Water

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For multifamily buildings and condo associations with 4 units or more

Help residents in your multifamily community use water efficiently and identify and report leaks right away. Working with residents to save water will help keep your utility bills as low as possible.

Community presentation

Request a conservation specialist to present at your next community meeting. We can share information with your residents about the mountain reservoirs that supply our tap water and the everyday actions we can all take to use water wisely. To be eligible, your property must receive a water bill from one of the Saving Water Partnership utilities. Email for more information or to schedule a speaker.

Host a Resident Leak Sweep

Cut your water costs by empowering residents to identify and report leaks and running toilets right away. The Resident Leak Sweep is a free program for apartments and condos. We’ll provide on-the-ground support and all the materials to teach residents how to spot running toilets and report leaks right away. Learn more about our Resident Leak Sweep program.

Tips for new residents

Provide our Water Saving Tips brochure (pdf) in your leasing or welcome packet for new residents.

Templates and posters to help residents identify and report leaks

Email templates

Elevator or bulletin board posters

Translated elevator or bulletin board posters