Washing Clothes

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Doing laundry is the second-biggest use of water in most homes. Replacing a 10-year-old washer with a new efficient washer could save you more than $100 each year on your utility bills.

How to choose a water-saving clothes washer

Look for a low Water Factor (WF)

Since washers come in various sizes, the water efficiency of clothes washers is rated using the term Water Factor (WF) to compare water use. WF is measured by the quantity of water (gallons) used to wash each cubic foot of laundry. Look for the lowest water factor available to achieve the highest water savings.

Check efficiency lists before going to the store

How else can I save?

Always wash full loads

Washers use about the same amount of energy for small or large loads, so wash full loads.

Wash in cold water

90% of the energy used by washers is for heating water.

Air dry

Air-drying clothes not only saves energy, but also is easier on your clothes.

Check for energy utility rebates