Watering & Irrigation

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Quick tips

  • Find and Fix Leaks – save money and prevent waste by fixing leaks.
  • Check the soil before you water. Probe with a finger or trowel to see if the soil is still damp a few inches down. When it’s dry down at the root zone, it’s time to water.
  • Water deeply, but less frequently. An hour after watering, check the soil again to see if you’ve penetrated as deep as the roots reach. Adjust your watering time to moisten the whole root zone, but then wait until the upper few inches of soil are dry before watering again – that encourages deeper roots.
  • Water slowly, or start and stop irrigation, to prevent surface runoff and give water time to penetrate.
  • Get water right to the roots, by using a watering wand with shutoff for small areas. For larger areas, drip or soaker hose under mulch delivers water efficiently right to the roots.
  • Make every drop count. Water early or late in the day to reduce evaporation, build your soil with compost and mulch, and choose low water use plants.
  • Take a Savvy Gardener Class to learn from the experts!

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More information

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