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A new ENERGY STAR model can use 10 gallons less water per cycle than dishwashing machines made before 1994. On average, you could save $40 per year and 1,300 gallons of water during the dishwasher’s lifetime.

How to choose a dishwasher

Look for the ENERGY STAR endorsement

ENERGY STAR dishwashers are your guarantee of water and energy savings—less water, energy and detergent for the same clean dishes.

Choose a standard-capacity model

It’s more efficient to use a standard-capacity model fewer times than to operate a compact model extra times. For example, running a standard-capacity model 3 times a week is more efficient than running a compact model 5 times a week.

Dishwashing machines vs. hand-washing

Cleaning dishes in a dishwasher is much more efficient than washing by hand. A dishwasher uses 4-10 gallons per load, while washing by hand can use 20 gallons.

A new ENERGY STAR dishwasher uses less than half as much energy as washing dishes by hand and can save up to 1,000 gallons of hot water per year.

Where else can I save water?

Garbage disposal

Use the garbage disposal sparingly. Dispose of food waste in your food and yard waste container or in backyard compost bins. Don’t put meat, dairy, or any animal products in your backyard compost bin.

Indoor plants

Collect the cold water you run from your faucets when you’re waiting for hot water to get to the tap. Use this water for your plants.

Don’t pre-wash dishes

Pre-washing doesn’t improve dishwasher cleaning. Skip the pre-wash and save as much as 20 gallons of water.

Use light cycle when possible

If your dishes are only slightly soiled, use a light or energy-saving wash cycle, which uses less water and operates for a shorter period of time.