Financial & Technical Assistance

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For residential, commercial and multifamily customers:

  • Irrigation and Landscape Management Technical Assistance (one acre of irrigated area or more) On-site assessments to evaluate the efficiency of automatic irrigation systems including watering schedules.
  • Irrigation Utility Billing Analysis (one acre of irrigated area or more) Billing, consumption and return on investment analysis.
  • Landscape Rebates (one acre of irrigated area or more) The Saving Water Partnership may provide up to 50% of the cost for irrigation retrofits that save water. These include irrigation technologies such as sprinkler heads, rain sensors, scheduling devices, controllers, etc. that improve the water efficiency of an existing irrigation system. To get started, please complete and submit the landscape rebate application (pdf).
  • Sprinkler Timer Customers may be eligible to receive a $100 rebate for one WaterSense labeled sprinkler timer. Where gift cards, reward points, or store credit bring the total cost of the timer below $100, a rebate check will be issued for the lesser amount. If the total amount on the invoice or receipt is $0 after gift cards, reward points, or store credit are used, no rebate will be issued.Eligible customers are those who receive water from one of these Saving Water partners.The rebate is for the replacement of an existing controller that is not currently WaterSense labeled. WaterSense labeled hose timers are not eligible.Go to the WaterSense website for a list of WaterSense labeled sprinkler timers.

    Please open the rebate application form (pdf) and follow the 4 easy steps.

If you have questions, please contact Mark Guthrie at or (206) 684-5955.