Irrigation Water Use Assessment

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For commercial and multifamily properties

A free irrigation water use assessment can help you understand how the efficiency of your current landscape irrigation system can be improved. During the assessment, an irrigation water use specialist will help you prioritize actions you can take to save water and money.

The irrigation water use assessment includes:

  • A free virtual or on-site assessment to evaluate the efficiency of your current irrigation or sprinkler system. Assessments include evaluation of the existing system and current watering schedules. We’ll discuss potential efficiency improvements to your system.
  • Identification of water-saving projects that may be eligible for Saving Water Partnership rebates.

Is my project eligible?

Your project may be eligible if:

  • You own or manage a multifamily or commercial property with an existing, operational, automatic irrigation system.
  • Your property receives a water bill from one of the Saving Water Partnership utilities.
  • Someone who can operate and is familiar with the system is available to meet with us during the assessment.

To schedule or ask questions

Contact Landscape Water Conservation Program Manager, Mark Guthrie, at or (206) 684-5955.