Weed Wars: Winning the Battle without Chemical Warfare

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With Marianne Binetti, author, NW horticultural expert, syndicated columnist, TV and radio host

During this entertaining class you will learn that there are many ways to control unwanted plants in your garden without resorting to herbicide sprays as a first choice. Mulches, ground covers, hand tools, native plants are just some of the ideas that will be covered with a lighthearted and fun way of looking at volunteer plants. Included will be warnings of some plants not to plant that can become invasive, some weeds to just learn to love and some weeds that are so noxious they must be eradicated immediately. The goal is to arm the gardener with different ideas, tools and attitudes about those unwanted weeds in your outdoor space.

Thursday, May 23rd      
6 – 7:30 pm

To register: sign up online
Questions? Email jchan@rentonwa.gov or call (425) 430-7379

Location: join via Zoom link (sent after registration)